FINDING HUMANITY – Chinny’s reality.

I stood over the unconscious bodies of my tormentors reminiscing on the times I still believed in humans, the times I wore my heart on my sleeves and love for my world and the people in it like an army; those were good times, or as they say – the good old days. Those were days I had enormous faith in humanity, and still believed the world to be a glamorous safe haven.

Even in this moment of uncertainty and a nagging presage, I still look up to the sky believing that there is hope for me…for mankind, in a world that suffers silently from ruination and man’s vices and voracious need to control everything in it – still I see colors and beauty in our world.

However, I am not blind to the fact that our precious world is inhabited by flawed beings, and some humanity have been lost in pursuit of religious beliefs, money, fame, power etc.

Even the young is not spared the brouhaha of man’s rapacity and monstrosity.

In my short years on this spinning orb, I have witnessed personally the hate in the heart of man. I have seen man ruin lives with his orientations and belief, I have seen rulers trample on the rights and privileges of their subjects – leaving them in acute desolation.

I have seen families declare war on one another over trivial issues, I have seen religious differences destroy so many lives and I have whole heartedly come to accept the phrase…

It’s a dog eat dog world

For me though it’s more of a human eat human world – literally we are all zombies looking for the next human to rip apart and tear down.

Like a sheltered pet I have realized that the same humans who once loved, adored and protected me will eat me without batting an eyelid with the changing hands of time.

Hell, humans will eat themselves if we find ourselves in an apocalypse.

Thank God I am no longer blind! Now I see the true colors of man, not our different race designations but the real stains on humans; the beautiful colors on our skin cannot be compared to the darkness in our hearts – especially in the heart of one who chooses to defend a cause or a belief.

These were the thoughts running through my mind as I stood there strapped in some foreign element, looking down at my unconscious predators who have become my prey – the tables have suddenly turned and it is a relief to know that the fate of a prey is usually determined by the predator, and this time the predator is yours truly…Chinny

My mother would always say – the world may crash and burn but it is your choice to either burn with it or fight your way to survival.

Well, my world has crashed…burned and has left me with physical, mental and emotional scars.

Not just me, but everyone around me, the burns has left our mind and bodies charred…but now we are no longer helpless preys, we have become predators to our tormentors.

My name is Chinny Nwogbe and this is how I went from prey to predator.


To be continued…


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