This is a great read! I am definitely a romantic, made all the plans in my head already. After all wishes sometimes come true.

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Hey love, we’re back with a new topic in the single series, we’ve already looked at reasons why you are single and today we’d be looking at the different types of single people. So keep reading to see which category you fall under.

THE ROMANTIC: you’re a die hard rom-com fan. You’ve read every romantic book and watched every romantic movie. You have an expectation of what your boyfriend is going to be like. Piercing blue eyes that makes you want to drown in them, six feet tall so he overshadows you, six packs that you want to trace with your manicured fingers as you lay in bed…you just have an exaggerated idea of what your boyfriend is going to be like and what he’s going to do or how you’re going to meet. You’ve planned all the romantic getaways, how you’d travel to Paris the city of love, how…

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